Rajnikanth owns such a craze that he could attract the Indian Film Industry. He has uplifted many movies on single hand with his style and mannerism. Many of his dubbed movies has competed the star studded movies in Telugu. The box office is certainly aware of Rajnis mania. But the magic hasnt repeated after Robo. Kabali which has come out with huge expectations was a disaster. Rajni in such circumstances has come forward as Kaala. Did Kaala reveal the heroism and vigour that were missed in Kabali? Was Rajni able to create his magic again? Come… lets see.

* Story

Its a slum area named Dhaaravi. Kaala (Rajni) was the one who is born and brought up in Dhaaravi. On the other side, Hari Dada (Nana Patekar) is a politician who hails from Dhaaravi, but eyes to conquer it for his profit. Kaala of course doesnt allow Hari Dada to succeed in his vicious efforts. Hari Dada in return indulges in revenge against Dhaaravi and Kala. Kaala even loses his family in due course. The rest of the story is all about Kaalas fight against the mighty politician Hari.

* Actors

Rajni has tried to captivate the audience. The movie doesnt reveal much of his looks, mannerism and style. But he still leaves his fans to be mesmerised. Effort was made to strengthen the screen presence by selecting Nana Patekar as villain. But it didnt work out. Nana Patekars entry wasnt effective as there isnt much scope for the character and his conflict with the hero wasnt well established. The role of Eashwari Rao has some importance, but was biased with Tamilian culture. Huma Qureshi looked beautiful and dignified.

* Technical aspects

The movie seems to be made on the notion that money should be spent reasonably. The whole movie was completed in a single set. But it made us feel like watching a real slum. The songs and background music is unappealing. Editing should have been sharper. Its a great thing that Pa Ranjith was given another chance after Kabali. But he wasnt able to grab it. He failed to deliver the movie for the Rajni fans.

* Plus points

Some scenes

* Minus points

TeluguOne Perspective :

* Punch line: This is also a sort of KaBali.

Rating : 2.50

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