Movie Details:

Cast: Kalyan Ram, Tamannaah, Tanikella Bharani, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore, Surekha Vani etc.
Direction: Jayendra
Banner: Cool Breeze Cinemas
Producers: Kiran Muppavarpu, Vijaykumar Vattikuti
Music: Sharreth
Release Date: June 14, 2018

Kalyan Ram is failing to score a commercial hit for long. His last movie MLA too ended as a disaster. The actor pins high hopes on Naa Nuvve. Actress Tamannah to is in desperate need of a success. On the other hand, it is second directorial film for Jayendra whose first movie 180 was a flop. Lets see whether Naa Nuvve will change their fate


Meera (Tamannaah), daughter of lawyer (Tanikella Bharani), who is poor in studies, believes in destiny. She gets a book named Love Signs in which she finds photo of Varun (Kalyan Ram). Meera starts believing that Varun is her lucky charm as all positive things happen to her ever since she finds his photograph. Meanwhile, she meets him and expresses her love on him. However, Varun who doesnt believe in destiny puts a challenge before Meera who agrees to it. What is the challenge? Will Meera win the challenge? What happens to Varun and Meeras love?


1. Music
2. Tamannaah
3. Cinematography


1. Regular Story
2. Boring Narration
3. Songs Placement
4. Romance
5. Kalyan Ram Look


Usually, love subjects will turn successful only when they have fresh feel and emotions. Nonetheless, Naa Nuvve lacks freshness. Neither the story nor the screenplay was unique. In fact, we will hardly find any interesting elements throughout. Movie stars with Tamannaah who is a radio jockey narrates her love story to radio listeners. Tamannaah and Kalyan Ram are poles apart. While Tamannaah believes in destiny, Kalyan Ram wont believe such things. In fact, he opposes it. The efforts of Tamannaah to meet her lucky charm Kalyan Ram tests our patience. When they finally meet, Kalyan Ram puts a challenge before her as to accept her love. The train episode, Kalyan Rams fight with Tamannaahs father, differences between Kalyan Ram and Tammu for a silly reason wont make any sense. On the other hand, Posani Krishna Murali track is also boring, except for pre-climax scene. The comedy by traffic constable played by Bithiri Sathi is a damp squib. Praveen and Vennela Kishore too failed to provide any comedy. NTR. Jr references would appeal to his fans. Overall, movie ends on positive note.

Artists Performances:

Kalyan Ram played his part as a cab driver waiting for his time to fly USA to job there, though his soft look wasnt appealing. Tamannaah Bhatia looked glamorous in ultra-stylish roles. She oozed glamour here and there. Kalyan Ram and Tamannaahs dance moves are exceptional. Tanikella Bharani played routine role as heroines father and Surekha Vani is decent as Tammus mother. Posani Krishna Murali has got nothing much to do. Bithiri Sathi is boring. Praveen and Vennela Kishore are wasted completely. Other artists played their roles efficiently.

Technical Aspect:

Director Jayendra who made his directorial debut with 180 has failed to provide complete entertainer once again. Neither his writing nor his direction is convincing. Subha helped him in scripting. In the entire film, we hardly get to see any wow moments. Music by Sherrath is pleasing, wherein background score too is fascinating. Cinematography by PC Sreeram is Vibrant. Production values of Cool Breeze Cinemas are middling.


Naa Nuvve is another disappointing film from Kalyan Ram. Except for couple of songs and Tamannaah, theres nothing much to describe about the film.

TeluguOne Perspective:

Boring Saga

Rating: 2

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