Karthi, Sayesha, Satyaraj, Suri…

Music: D. Imman
Camera: Vel Raj
Producer: Surya- Ravinder Reddy
Direction: Pandiraj
Release Date: 13/07/2018

“Chinababu is a family entertainer that has been directed by sensible film maker Pandiraj with Karthi in the lead role. “Akhil fame Sayesha has grabbed the role of heroine in the movie. The film was released simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil languages. Has the film coated with Tamil nativity and sentiments able to impress the Telugu audience. Lets see.


Krishnamraju alias Chinababu (Karthi) has five sisters and four brother-in-laws (another of them is dead). He has two sister-in-laws too. As Krishnamraju is the only male child in the family, everyone used to pamper him as “Chinababu. As the family was spending their time in a happy mood, trouble starts when Karthi marries a girl named Neerada (Sayesha) who comes from a different family. Everyone in his family begins to treat him like a culprit and keeps blaming him. Chinababu feels bad that his love has torn apart the family. But his enemies who were waiting for their turn try to give him more pain at such turbulent times. How did Chinababu succeed in not letting the family part away and how he faced his enemies is the rest of the story of “chinababu.


All the actors
Emotions Clean Comedy
Production Values


Tamil Nativity
Over dose of sentiment in Pre climax


Now a day, its a huge work to complete a film with one hero. In such times, making a movie with 20 renowned artists is a big challenge. The Director has succeeded in providing equal roles to all the stars and extracted the needed action from them. He has also proved his ability by creating comedy along with sentiment. There are fights in the movie but has not poured out any blood, there is comedy but has not stepped into obscenity, there are emotions in the movie but has not crossed the limits. The movie has the commercial elements along with the emotions that would attract the family audience. What more can we expect from a movie. Pandiraj has also made commendable effort to decrease the leniency of city people towards agriculture and farmers.


Everyone in the movie has lived their role to perfection. Every character has its own importance and screen presence. Every actor impresses us, make us laugh and cry. Karthi gets closer to the family audience with this movie. Karthis emotional scenes would make the audience to immerse in the movie and get tearful. The elderliness of Satyaraj, Villianism of Satru, action of Sayesha, innocence of Arthana Bhanu… everyone has in their capacity has done justice to the movie and has played a major role in the success of the movie.

Technical values:

D.Immans music is good. His melodious tones would certainly impress. Vel Rajs photography has beautifully captured the village scenery, relations and affections on the screen. Rubens editing stands as a speciality of the movie. His editing has avoided any confusion due to heavy casting.

How is the movie!
The movie would impress all the audience without any restriction to class and age.

Teluguone Prospective:

A complete family entertainer!

Rating: 2.5/5

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