Actors: Doddanna, Uday Shankar, Hyper Adi
Music: Vasuki Vaibhav
Camera: Livith
Producer: Rockline Venkatesh
Director: Chandra Siddharth
Release date: 20.07.2018

“ Aata Kadara Siva is a remake of kannada super hit movie “Rama Rama Re. Uday Shankar was being introduced as hero in this movie which was directed by Chandra Siddharth. Senior Kannada actor Doddanna was introduced to telugu audience with this movie. Lets see whether the movie was able to recreate the magic in Telugu.


Baaji (Uday Shankar) is a convict who is able to get away with the punishment of hanging by escaping from the jail. Baaji on his way meets the Hangman, Jangayya (Doddanna). They travel together as they dont know about each other. What are the circumstances they face in their travel? Whom did they meet? Was Jangayya able to hand Baaji in the end are the mysteries that would be answered in “Aata Kadara Siva movie,


Action of Doddanna


Lack of lip sync
Screen play


Some of the scenes that led to the success of original movie were deleted to decrease the running time. Deleting the sequence of convict running away from the jail and the song that explains the essence of the movie are great drawbacks. By lacking such scenes, Chandra Siddharth has turned the movie as mere documentary on the philosophy of Karma. Audiance who were aware of the original movie would certainly be disappointed with “Aata Kadara Siva. Audiance who enter the theatre expecting an off beat movie would also be disappointed. There wont be emotion any point in the movie. The viewer wont get connected to any scene in the movie. Thus, “Aata Kadara Siva stands as yet another failed remake. Biggest minus in the movie is its lacking of any named artists.


Doddanna is great actor who has done more than 200 movies in Kannada. But as this is his first movie in telugu, there was a huge mismatch in lip sync. Her was able to live the character, but couldnt invoke the emotions of audience. Neither the screen presence nor the body language of Uday Shankar could highlight his role. The roughness or the feel of the original role is certainly lacking in this remake. The punches of Hyper Adi have become outdated. His action looks like his performance on the stage of Jabardasth. Character artist Sridhar has done a good role in this movie. Though his role wont be a plus to the movie, it certainly gives him some recognition.

Technical Values:

Vasuki Vaibhav who has given music to the original movie and Livith were able to capture the nativity of telugu society. But they would gain good marks as technicians.

How is the movie!

“Aata Kadara Siva is certainly a good initiative. Though the movie might fail at the box office for lacking big artists and nativity.. audience who love off beat movies might like this movie.

Telugu One Prospective:

No one would be able to understand Chandra Siddharths “Aata

Rating: 2/5

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