Actors: Raj Tarun, Rithi Kumar, Rajiv Kanakala…
Music: Sai Karthik
Camera: Sameer Reddy
Producer: Harshit Reddy
Director: Aneesh Krishna
Release Date: 20/07/2018

“Lover is the movie directed by “Ala Ela fame Aneesh Krishna with Raj Tarun as hero. Raj Tarun who has been undergoing successive flops has kept all his hopes in this movie produced by Dil Raju. The movie with Rithi Kumar as heroine has come before the audience today. Lets find out whether this “Lover is able to impress the audience.


Raj (Raj Tarun) is a professional bike modifier. He lives along with his brother and sister in law. He looks Charita (Rithi Kumar) in a hospital and loves her in the first meeting itself. They fall in love and decide to get married after obtaining the consent of their parents. But the circumstances began to change violently. Suddenly some miscreants try to kill Charita. Raj could save her once, but they kill her brother (Rajiv Kanakala) in the second attempt and take her away. What is the reason behind the abduction of Charita? Could Raj save her?… are the questions that would be answered in the movie “lover.


Rajiv Kanakala


Routines story and screenplay


While there isnt much strength in the story written by Aneesh Krishna, the screenplay too provokes much confusion. Audience wont be able to find out the starting and closing of the flash back. The movie would give the hype of “Mission Impossible but would turn out to resemble “Okkadunnadu. The ending would also bring to mind of the Hollywood movie “Fast and Furious. We would now get a doubt for the logic behind Aneesh Krishna working on this script for four long years after his previous movie “Ala Ela in 2014. Though Aneesh was successful in entertaining the audience with light humour in his first movie he wasnt able to redo the magic with “lover despite the backing of big artists and seasoned comedians. He not only fails as a director but also as a writer.


The hairstyle of Raj Tarun looks innovative, but there isnt much improvement in his performance. His attempt to speak in Chittoor slang has miserably failed. Rithi Kumar looks like the sister of Nikhila Varma (heroine of “Meda Meeda Abbai), but couldnt impress with her action. She might get more opportunities when she gets old. Rajiv Kanakala got a role of much importance, and he had done justice to the role with his experience. Ajay and Subbaraju too have performed to their limits. Sachin Kelkhar was limited to just a single dialogue.

Technical values:

Though the “Lover audio has been composed by five directors, only the song “Nalo Chilipi Kala composed by Sai Karthik is impressive. The songs on the screen arent as attractive as shown in the promos. The Cinematography of Sameer Reddy looks lavish. It reveals that Dil Raju has spent huge amount for the movie.

How is the movie!

From starting till eng, the movie doesnt have even one attractive or entertaining scene.

Telugu One Prospective:

“Lover is a shallow movie that doesnt have anything to attract.

Rating: 1.5

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