Cast: Nagasaurya, Kashmiri Paradise, Yamini Bhaskar, Ajay, Jayaprakash Reddy, Shivaji Raja, Sudha

Directed by: Srinivasa Chakravarthy

Producer: Usha Moolpuri

Camera: Vijay C Kumar

Music: Mahit Swavsagar

Organization: Ira Creations

Director Srinivasa Chakravarthys experiment with Gay Comedy disappoints the audience slightly. While movie of this kind like Dostana was a hit in Bollywood Tollywood audience did not welcome this new experiment. It feels like the directory has deployed some of the characters in the film only to trigger feelings in hero.


@Nartanasala revolves around Shivaji Rajas craving for a baby girl. However it does not happen thus Shivaji Raja brings up his son in a feminine manner. But unfortunately, director could not carry this story after the hero grows up. The father son duo land in a cumbersome situation the hero is forced to pretend like a gay. Well what happens next has to be watched out for in the cinema.


@Nartanasala is a mere test for audiences patience. Naga Shourya who made the audience happy with Chalo has thoroughly disappointed the audience with this movie.

TeluguOne Verdict:

@Nartanasala is a waste of time

Rating: 1.25

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